Several times a year the Society participates in public display throughout the Delawre Valley. We participate in public displays two ways with our floor layout and our module display. The Floor Layout creates a large expansive layout with bridges, trolley lines and freight yards at floor level. Our module display with a mix of club owned modules and member modules, is built and operated on portable tables which, when assembled, creates a layout whose size depends only on the number of modules present. Although the club may own the track, members bring their own trains and decorations to make the display come alive. This is a fun experience to run trains all weekend and to show the public what G gauge trains are all about.

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Floor Layout

The floor layout group brings Large Scale railroading to the public by participating in model train shows, home & garden shows and public displays. This group develops track plans to meet the requirements of the individual show. Landscaping is included to provide a sense of the outdoor garden in the display. The SEPGRS Floor Layout group is open to all members of the club

This type of display most reflects the hobby's outdoor nature. Often with bridges and raised trolley lines and plants and more elaborate scenery that can fill the entire area of the display.

Module Display

The concept of Module layouts began in N-scale to promote the public display of N-scale model railroading. As with all good ideas it has grown to include all scale railroading from HO, O and Large Scale. To learn more about the group that started it all follow this link NTRAK Model Railroading Society.

Modules were designed to bring model railroading to the public at conventions, exhibits, and shopping malls. The modular layouts have the flexibility to be fitted into many different size and shape areas. They offer close up viewing and maximum train action. Long trains passing each other are always attention getters and are a feature of the module layouts. SEPGRS Modular group is open to all members of the club. If you would like the specifications for building your own large scale module(s) click below.

SEPGRS Module Plans

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